Gi Chemical Earthing Rods And Electrodes

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Gi Chemical Earthing Rods And Electrodes

GI Chemical earthing is maintenance free , superior & trustworthy as compare to conventional earthing.
  • Maintenance Free: No need to dispense water at unvarying interlude excepting in grimy & filthy soil.
  • Dependability: Preserve unchanging and dependable earth resistance.
  • Supplementary Apparent Zone: The conductive compound creates a conductive zone, which delivers the augmented superficial area for uttermost current dissipation
  • Hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection.
  • Designed for fast fault current dissipation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Maintenance free Earthing Electrode.
  • Easy and Fast installation at site
  • Most suitable for electrode condition with ohm value <= 3.0
  • Moisture proof backfill chemical bags are provide for low earth resistance
  • No need to pour water for periodic maintenance
  • Low space require at time of installation
  • Efficient grounding systems reduce the risk of electrical sparks and fire risk. Arete Earthing Electrode improves reliability for many applications including.
  • Lightning Protection systems
  • Prevention of accidents caused by static charges and stray current
  • Protection of central communication, electronic and AC power systems.
  • Meeting grounding safety requirement for electrical substation
  • For Neutral Earth Systems
  • Petrochemical,CNGand Nuclear Facilities.
  • Data Centres, ATM, Banks, Telecom and Broadcasters.
  • Process control and automation.
  • Factories, Government , Military and defence
Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity                       :  10 Piece

Type of Earthing                                       :   Sealed maintenance free chemical filled earthing electrode.

G.I. Pipe                                                      :   JIndal

Class of Pipe                                              :    Medium

Chemical used in the pipe                      :   CCM Approximate Weight-7Kg

GBFC(Ground enrichment material)     :    Minimum 45 kg

Brand                                                          :    Arete Powertech

Applications  Earthing                              :    Transformer Neutral Earthing, Lightning Arrestor – Earthing, Equipment Body

Diameter                                                    :   30 mm to 80 mm

Length of Rod                                            :   1 meter to 6 meter

Material                                                      :    Galvanized Iron (GI),

Size of Conductor                                     :    (30 x 6)mm and (40 x 6)mm

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