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Copper Clad Steel Earth Electrodes

Made with steel core and a copper exterior to provide increased conductivity and corrosion resistance Adherence of copper to steel rod is achieved through a pioneered bright acid copper plating process using 12 stages

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Copper Chemical Earthing Rods And Electrodes

Directing the fault currents into the ground, copper electrodes are the most preferred choice for almost all types of earthing. Fault currents are very harmful for both electrical assets as well as human lives.

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Earth Enhancement Chemical

Arete GEM is an advanced backfill compound, which lowers the contact resistance of the earth electrode to earth by over 70%. It produces low impedance to surges resulting in faster transient dissipation.

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Gi Chemical Earthing Rods And Electrodes

GI Chemical earthing is maintenance free , superior & trustworthy as compare to conventional earthing.

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Rooftop Solar Power Plants In India

Solar Power is a smart way to reduce the power costs and also helps businesses produce their own power using Solar Energy. This not only helps in reducing external dependence but also is working towards green and clean environment.

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Arete Powertech is well known for Providing Services related to Solar Farming in India and Products for Solar Farms. In business, the decision to install Solar Farms is a strategic step to achieve a specific business requirement.

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Solar Home Lightning System

Indoor and outdoor Solar Home Lighting has gained popularity over recent years. Use of Solar LEDLights can not only save the environment but it can also save money on your electricity bills and spread awareness about solar energy and solar lights.

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Arete offers street solar lighting solutions to illuminate outdoor areas such as street or open areas. Typical applications can be street light of campuses, farmhouses, factory, residential complex, hospitals, villages & town outdoor lights and other streetlight applications.

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Lightning Conductors System

Extending into the spectrum of lightning arresters, we bring forth an impeccable quality of E.S.E. Early Streamer Emission for protecting structures such as high rise buildings from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning.

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Conventional Lightning Protection System

Lightning protection system is considered to be the most useful means by which the discharge in the lightning strike can enter or leave earth without passing through and damaging non-conducting parts of a structure.

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Lightning Strike Counter

The Lightning Strike Counters is a functional device that shows the intact operation of the lightning system by counting the strikes of the lightning from air terminal and eliminators. This electro-mechanical counter has 6 digit displays.

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